What services do we offer? 

Getting heard is all about reaching the right people. That’s why Ten Four Communications offer bespoke packages for each client. That way we can best target the right audience for you. 
Media relations 
Read all about it. 
Sounds so easy right? You write a press release, send it to some news desks, and bam everyone knows. Actually no. 
Media relations is a craft that takes experience, skill, creativity, and relationships - all of which we have. Executing it effectively is our strength. 
From crafting press releases, managing reviews and organising events to pitching for seasonal gift guides, group tests and coming up with feature ideas, we ensure that media relations works hard for our clients. 
Media coverage is an incredibly powerful tool for brands from helping with investment rounds to driving consumer demand to getting retail listings. 
We know the press inside out and are able to identify the best targets for clients to gain the maximum and most relevant exposure. 
Thought leadership and profile building 
You know your stuff but does anyone else know that? 
Our thought leadership and profile-building activity give you the chance to stand out from the crowd, provide your insight and establish yourself and the company as an expert and leaders in your field. 
We excel at extracting the best angles and stories from companies and turning them into compelling articles for relevant audiences via publications. 
From byline articles to research we create a programme that gets your name out there along with your knowledge and solutions. 
Social media and influencer engagement 
You should post that. 
It’s no longer just about traditional media outlets but also the social ones. Having your brand participate in Instagram or Tik Tok is a must have and a vital part of the PR mix. 
We work with brands to provide content for their pages, increase followers and raise awareness. 
Influencer activations are a great tool for many of our clients. From surprise and delight to fully paid content creation, we work with you and your budgets to get the best exposure from the likes of TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch. 
Content marketing and SEO 
SE…O do we need that? 
The answer is likely yes. With your digital presence now fiercely important, your visibility online can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Using our SEO experts we evaluate web copy, blogs, and materials to ensure it is optimised to enhance your rankings. 
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