Media relations 
Read all about it. 
Media relations is a craft that takes experience, skill, creativity and relationships - all of which we have. Executing it effectively is our strength. 
From crafting a press release to managing reviews to selecting the most relevant media, we ensure that media relations works hard for our clients. 
Media coverage is an incredibly powerful tool for brands from helping with investment rounds, to driving consumer demand to getting retail listings. 
We know the press inside out and are able to identify the best targets for clients to gain the maximum and most relevant exposure. 

Product reviews 

Getting reviews in the right media is essential especially in this day and age, as nine out of ten of us read reviews before buying a product. We will pitch your product for review to top-tier publications and key influencers, managing the whole process throughout. Whether it’s featured as part of a group-test or as a standalone review, this coverage and third party validation is extremely important for brand awareness and sales. 
Thought leadership and newsjacking 
You know your stuff but does anyone else know that? 
Our thought leadership and newsjacking activity Our thought leadership and newsjacking activity means we can secure our coverage in top tier publications on the latest news, trends and themes from your industry. 
We work with clients to have pre approved commentary on topics as well as being able to react quickly by drafting content within minutes of a story breaking. 
In addition we pursue proactive opportunities where our clients have spotted a trend using their data and insight that we can then pitch to press. 

Seasonal PR 

The gift that keeps on giving. 
Gift guides are the holy grail of product PR. We pitch your products for those seasonal gift guides that are published at various points throughout the year when people are searching for things to buy i.e Christmas, Father’s Day and Mother’s Day etc. 
And it’s not just those big gifting opportunities, many publications will also put together product guides for the likes of Easter, Halloween, back-to-school, Prime Day and Black Friday. We are continuously thinking of different angles and opportunities to pitch a product as well as ways we can cut through the noise and get your products noticed. 
You’ve got to be in it to win it. 
Competitions are great for raising awareness and can be a useful tool for generating coverage. Potential audiences can be huge with the availability of online resources such as emails, e-newsletters and social media. If you can afford to give away a few samples, competitions are a great way to get in front of potential customers. 

Influencer campaigns  

The power of influence. 
Influencer activations are a great tool for many of our clients and we have plenty of experience of creating compelling and authentic partnerships to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. From gifting to fully paid content creation, we work with you and your budgets to get the best exposure from influencers across the various platforms. 

Press tours and events  

RSVP by… 
From one-to-one media previews and intimate lunches/dinners with key journalists to larger scale launch parties with all your stakeholders, we can suggest creative and effective ways to introduce a new product or service and manage the process throughout. 
Social media  
You should post that. 
It’s no longer just about traditional media outlets but also the social ones. Having a presence on social channels is a must and a vital part of the modern PR mix. 
We work with brands to provide content for their pages, increase followers and raise awareness. Depending on your needs we can support everything from planning to posting and community management to paid and boosted ads. 

 Content marketing and SEO 

SE…O do we need that? 
The answer is likely yes. With your digital presence now fiercely important, your visibility online can be the difference between surviving and thriving. Using our SEO experts we evaluate web copy, blogs and materials to ensure it is optimised to enhance your rankings. 
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